Children's Map of the Solar System
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Children's Map of the Solar System

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Children's Map of the Solar System
Saturn - EnlargedEarth  - EnlargedThe Beginning
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This is a huge, colorful, educational Solar System Map which will keep your kids entertained for hours. The Dinos map of the Solar System for kids was specially produced for kids, and provides a great learning opportunity for you to spend time with your children and educate them too, while all the time having FUN! Huge 3 ft x 4.5 ft with laminated surface.

The Illustrated Solar System Map for kids offers a wealth of information including:

» details on each of the planets, such as their size, distance from the sun and number of moons
» details about comets and meteors
» information about the history of space discovery and exploration
» astronomical measurement units

In addition the diagrams and illustrations show:

» the planets, their moons and orbits
» asteroids
» comets and meteors
» space exploration
» spacecraft
» the phases of the moon
» eclipses
» gravitational effects
» relative sizes and distances

Having a Map of the Solar System for kids in your playroom, family room, bedroom or study will help your children discover the intricacies of our Solar System and what a great resource for those school, or classroom Solar System projects!
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