World History Atlas
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World History Atlas

World History Atlas
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Visualize yourself visiting the Mongol Empires of the 13th. Century. The World History Atlas is a colorful, easy-to-read, informative, 8.5” x 11” book of World Maps for the serious student of history or the person of casual interest. Contains 44 maps that coordinate with the History Wall Map series. Provide a historical overview of specific periods in World History. A sampling of the maps includes: Early Civilizations, 8000-900 BC; Early Greece, 2000-1100 BC; Alexander’s Empire, 323 BC; Asia, 750; Africa, 12—1600; African Slave Trade, 1450-1808; Europe, 1815; World War I, 1914-1917; Japanese Expansion in Asia, 1895-1941; Cold War Europe, 1946-1990; and many more. This product is ideal for public, private, parochial, and home schools.
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